Create a Video of Your Wedding Event

Whilst you may think video recording your wedding ceremony is overkill, you will soon regret your decision if you do not choose to use this service. You only need to hear other brides express their regrets about not including this kind of service in their own ceremonies. Videos can be used to tell your love story, or made to record the ceremony and reception. They also allow you to revisit the occasion long after the culmination of the event.

Capturing a Wedding on Video – Why it is Special

Therefore, you should not just order pictures of your wedding, you also need to capture your special day on video. A professional videographer considers each ceremony unique and each reception a new experience. Every event unfolds in varying ways. Also, each member of the wedding party, from the bride to the flower girl to the mother and father of the bride, brings their own unique persona into the wedding story.

Making Preparations

Traditionally, the bride’s family has footed the bill for the videography and photography. However, this rule has changed today. Whether it is the family of the groom or the mother and father of the bride paying the bill, they are the ones who normally establish the service guidelines for the event. If you are using a wedding planner too, both of you need to sit down and go over what will appear in the footage.

Thinking Outside the Box

People make different requests with respect to recorded scenes. For instance, some customers want a wedding video in Sydney to begin when the guests arrive at the airport. Some weddings may even be recorded underwater. Naturally, these two examples are a little bit outside the usual parameters. Most of the boundaries are fixed with respect to the equipment, venue, and personnel.

Hiring Video Services: What to Ask

When using the services of a videographer, you may need to consider the following questions:

  • Will the videographer be needed for the rehearsal dinner?
  • Should the video include the bride and groom in their dressing areas getting ready for the event?
  • Should the video cover the ceremony only, or both the ceremony and reception? For example, you could limit the video coverage to the ceremony and the cutting of the cake or the first dance.

How Long will the Event Last?

The length of the wedding event and the location where it takes place are also important things to consider. Naturally, if you are trying to keep within a budget, you may find that some of your choices are limited. Nevertheless, knowing what you can spend will help you make better decisions when making plans.

After the contingencies and plans are discussed, the agreement you reach with the videographer will form the basis for your preparations. Whilst you can have a family member or friend video record a wedding, they are still a part of the wedding party.

Make Sure Those Special Moments are Captured

A professional videographer can shoot the event without any distraction. Those crucial shots can be captured when you place your video recording in the hands of a professional. He or she can set up the equipment so it can be used at just the right moments – moments that may be lost if you turn the responsibility over to a family member or friend.