The Importance of Hiring a Professional Photographer for Your Big Day

As you begin planning for the various aspects of your wedding, you’re bound to have a conversation with your other half about the issue of photography. When the topic arises, you might have an immediate inclination to use a family member or friend to shoot the big day because, after all, high-quality DSLR cameras are readily available nowadays and chances are good that you know someone who owns such a piece of equipment. However, just owning a high-end camera doesn’t necessarily qualify the individual as a professional. Although hiring a friend or family member will surely be more cost-effective as compared to chartering a professional, this is a notion to avoid at all costs.

If you happen to be in the midst of researching wedding photography in Sydney, you can use this brief article as a guide to understand the importance of hiring a professional photographer for your big day.


It’s important to note that a professional photographer has devoted thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars on quality equipment and higher education during the course of his or her career. This type of investment speaks to an inherent love of photography and art, which is the exact type of person you’ll want to have shooting your wedding. So, if you happen to come across a photographer accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, you can rest assured knowing that this particular individual has dedicated a lifetime of effort, desire, and love to this craft.


Professional photographers have spent many years perfecting their expertise, not only in their workshops with editing software but also in real life with scenic effects, inventive layouts, and creative lighting schemes. These experts have extensive experience with various poses, angles, and illumination concepts, which is a far cry from your friend who might have taken a few great Instagram shots over the past few years. Much as how an architect can see an opulent building rise up from a blank page, a professional photographer can glean beauty and splendour from a mere glance at your venue.

Professional-Grade Equipment

If you’re impressed by your smartphone’s capabilities or by your friend’s DSLR camera, professional photography equipment will probably knock your socks right off. From digital single-lens reflex cameras with advanced optics to image-stabilising shutter provisions and scrupulous adjustment filters, the photographic capabilities of today’s professionals are seemingly endless. Many professional-grade cameras also feature a built-in microphone that allows the picture taker to record voice notes during a shoot. Apart from the actual camera, professional photographers also use diffuser and reflector kits, exposure meters, external flash units, remote shutter release instruments, shadow casting equipment, and fluorescent lighting kits, amongst a host of other implements as well.

Your photographer will also work with you on thematic décor solutions, furniture arrangements, and equipment setup, not to mention the fact that some of the most renowned photographers are able to provide an on-site photo booth package for your guests!

Make sure that you take the time to schedule a few consultations with your favourite photographers because, after all, the person you choose will be responsible for capturing your most heartfelt moments on one of your most heartfelt days.