Tips on Wedding Photos to Capture the Mood

Ah weddings! They are the moments in our lives when everything just seems to be golden, from the moment the bride is walking down the aisle, right up until the cake gets consumed in front of guests at the reception and beyond. While the stories of weddings gone awry will always fill YouTube there is also the beautiful moments, the ones we all want to share. Hopefully, if you have a great wedding photographer, he or she will also be there to capture those kinds of moments for a lifetime of fond looking back.

So how does anyone find a way to create the right kind of photos without intruding on the ceremony? There are certainly those candid times, like your favorite sparkler writing photos from you own wedding reception. Those kinds of photos can’t be planned. But there are ways to be sure you capture all the best moments. For the awesome candid ones, you just need to be on your toes. Here is our advice for getting the most out of that wedding picture session.

Shot Lists are a Must

If you want to be sure to capture the moments that are important to the most important people at this shindig, the bride and groom, take some time to talk to them about their idea of a shot list. Let them know what you mean by this and give them some time to think about it. Sometimes photographers are surprised by what is included and it helps to make sure you haven’t left anyone important out of the batch.

Find a Family Director

The dynamics of a family are often hard to predict, even if you think you know them well. In addition, the day of family photos can be stressful. When you add to that the good possibility that at least one person will have started the liquid celebration a bit early, you get a situation that can go from touchy to ugly in ten seconds. Get a family member to act as coordinator for the day, keeping in touch with everyone and smoothing any ruffled feathers along the way.

Play Location Scout

If you know that you will be shooting the wedding party in a number of places that day, and more and more weddings seem to be organized this way, visit them first. Get familiar with them, and with how to get to them, before the day of the shoot.

If you can be there around the same time of day it will also tell you what lighting is available in each location. It is always great when you can anticipate these things, since you know there will be several situations you can never anticipate.

Remember to Shoot the Details

While the big picture is always going to be there, don’t forget to focus in on some of the details as well. Include shots of the wedding rings, the flowers on the tables, the back of her dress or even all the dresses (one most photographers never think of!) and even the menus. These little details are sometimes the flashpoints for great memories later and tend to separate the okay wedding photographers from the great ones.