Wedding Photography – Latest Trends You Should Know

So you have spent a lot for the wedding cake, flowers and the festive food preparation. At the end of the day though, when the guests have gone back to their places and the celebration is over, there’s only one thing that should last long – photography.

Over the years, wedding photography has evolved. From mere wedding portraits, nowadays, a lot of styles and techniques have been incorporated to make the photos more captivating. With the rise of the social media, the emphasis on the creativity and uniqueness of the wedding photography has somewhat become more imperative.

Below are some of the latest wedding photography trends that you and your chosen photographers should know:

  • Get Ready to Wow with Drama!

Sensual and dramatic captures are attention magnets. This photography style utilizes angles, different textures, stunning lightings along with the gorgeous sceneryto draw out images that highlight emotions and intimate moments.

  • The Bridal Portraits

The wedding is essentially the bride’s grand moment. It is becoming a trend now for brides to ask for special photo ops of themselves beaming while wearing their bridal dresses.

  • Going Natural and Light-Soaked

This style of photography never gets old. These are captured moments using dramatic effects from natural lighting. The results are radiant and fresh-looking laid-back photos that are not heavily filtered at all.

  • Let the Gorgeous Background Do the Talking

Suitable for gorgeous wedding venues. Another trend in wedding photography now involves photos centered at drawing out the beauty of the venue and the natural background. Since more couples are now going for destination weddings, this wedding photography style will surely bring out the beauty of the venue.

  • Candid Shots are Still the Best

Weddings are filled with moments. Candid shots ensure these raw moments are captured. The results are photos that will surely make the couple look back of the happiness they have shared as they exchange their vows in front of their loved ones.

  • Creativity Holds the Key to Awesomeness

Mirror shots and shots captured by drones are just some of the photography trends which highlights creativity and the fun side of the couple. Shots centered on the angles and adding fun to the scenery makes wedding photos more appealing and unique.

  • Photo booths and the Integration of the Social Media

Another fun photography trend now makes use of photo booths with eye-catching props. Photos can then be instantly uploaded on the social media. Some couples may also require a special hashtag on the uploaded photos to feature their grand moment.

One of the qualities you should look for in choosing a Houston wedding photographeris the photographer’s ability to experiment on new ideas and trends to make the most out of your wedding photos.

Photographs are the best way you can relive the happy moments you have shared with your new spouse, families and close friends. There may also be moments you have failed to really witness because you have been too busy during the event that were only captured by the cameras. Hence, investing in your wedding photography is probably one of the best decisions you can make to ensure your “I do’s” memories will last a lifetime.