Weddings in Australia, Dreams of Adventure


Australia, having a vast diversity in its landscape and things to do, and places to see, which are only limited to your imaginations. The thought of getting happily wedded is very easy to get, but when it comes to the preparations, it is like preparing for a war. Although wedding preparations now a day are easier than earlier, as we have good event management companies to handle the stress, yet we have to deal with the photographers, selection of the food items, selection of dresses, etc. In spite of all these stresses, we love, live, breath and enjoy weddings.

Here are 5 tips to make your wedding memorable:-

  1. Choose your dream destination.
  2. Choose the best wedding photographer to revise your memories properly through the pictures.
  3. Make it memorable for the guests.
  4. Choose best quality of food.
  5. Arrange various kind functions, rather than just one wedding ceremony.


Preparations include the arrangement of dresses for the bride-groom and for the people in the ceremony, selection of wedding venue, photographers, caterers and many other things. But you can get rid of all these stress by just hiring a perfect wedding planner, which will handle all your problems and will manage everything very easily.


Australia has numerous places to witness your wedding; it has one of the largest diversity of places on the planet. You can each type of venue for your wedding in Australia, whether you need beach resorts, mountain resorts or you need your own island. Lord Howe Island and One & Only Hayman Island are the two most popular islands in context of wedding. Other than Islands there are other world class venues in Australia, such as Park Hyatt Sydney, Stones of Yarra valley and a lot more.


Photography stands equal to any other main tasks of a wedding. Photos act as the notes of the moments of love, which we revise when we lack of it. Pictures say a lot more than words can. So, selection of a perfect wedding photographer is must.

Here are 6 ways how you can select the best photographer:-

  1. Look for someone who is professionally as well as passionately involved in it.
  2. One must have qualifications in professional wedding photography.
  3. Take a look at his previous works; it would definitely give you an idea about him.
  4. Look for someone who is fast, as wedding don’t give you much chances to pose.
  5. One must have a good and properly working camera with different lenses.
  6. He should not interrupt the wedding rituals, to take stills.

Wedding normally happens only once; there is one bride and one groom, who are going to spend their whole life together. The bride and the groom are going to be tied together through the threads of love, and it is the wedding which witnesses everything. The wedding day is the most memorable day of their life. So, make it as memorable as you can. Because,

You have got one life to get One wife.