How to Jumpstart Your Wedding Photography Business

Copyright: mallivan / 123RF Stock Photo

The photography industry in many regions is very saturated. It can be so hard to generate enough business to meet your personal and financial goals. There are powerful ways though, to give your company the kick it needs to go to the next level. So, how can you jumpstart your wedding photography business?

Start with Your Local Networking Groups

One of the keys to promoting any business is to foster relationships with other business owners. Look for networking groups in your area to help get the word out about your business.

Once you’ve chosen a group, take advantage of any opportunities you have to share your services with the members. Sign up to speak at meetings, volunteer at events where you can get to know your fellow business owners and help sponsor special activities. The more creative you are, the better your chances at getting referrals from the other members.

Participate in Styled Sessions

A great way to build or update your portfolio and gain exposure for your business in all the right places is to participate in styled sessions. Also known as inspiration shoots, these sessions are collaborations between groups of wedding professionals who use their creative energy to put together mock situations – an over-the-top tablescape, for example, or an artistic portrait of a bridal party rocking great new bridesmaid dresses in a unique setting. It’s a chance to show off what you can do.

Great photographers play a huge role in styled sessions, and can get equally huge returns if they choose partnerships wisely. The images from the session are often highly publishable and end up not only on the blogs and websites of the participating vendors, but throughout popular wedding websites and social media as well – all with links back to the photographer.

Styled sessions are all also great for networking. If the process is successful and everyone has a good time working together, the next time one of the vendors is asked for a referral, your name will be top of mind.

When you coordinate or agree to participate in a styled session, make sure you choose to work with vendors whose reputations match what you want for your own business, because you will be associated with each other for a long time.

Maximize Your Social Media Presence

The best way to get the word out about your photography business is to be seen! Find out where your particular demographic of couples spends their time and be there, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any number of blogs or sites.

After each great wedding, you might journal your favorite images and encourage your clients to share your galleries. Consider pursuing Real Wedding features on popular wedding websites like The Knot or WeddingWire. Not only will your images be published, but those sites generally cross-promote their posts on a variety of social media outlets as well – all places you can link to yourself to improve exposure.

Share Images Generously

Awesome pictures are always in high demand. Every wedding pro needs a portfolio. Choose businesses that reflect your values and appeal to the same demographic as you do, and make it really easy for them to use your images (with proper credit, of course!) to promote their products and services. The time you invest in producing the work will be rewarded. Your partner businesses will do the legwork getting them out into the world for you!

There are many ways to jumpstart your wedding photography business – which have you tried? What has worked best for you?